The First 6 Months of 2021


Thanks to all of you who support the poor through Helping Hands so generously, this is what we were able to provide financially to those in need during the first 6 months of this year:


Electricity               80 families              $      42,044.69

Gas                          19 families                $        4,523.01

Water                     52 families                $      17,905.08

Rent                     382 families                $    509,234.11

Transportation       9 families               $      10,183.19

Propane                   2 families               $           558.02

Medical                  13 families               $      11,046.59

Home Repairs        3 families               $        3,936.38

Miscellaneous        8 families               $        2,477.18


TOTAL           568 families              $    601,888.25


And while it is still a large number, it is a far cry from the tragic times we faced last year when at this same time we had already provided $872,295.87 to those suffering during the pandemic.  This current year figure is more in line with what we are used to spending on those in need.  Last year Midland was faced with an unemployment rate of 12%.  This year we are down to 6.2% and while that is still slightly above our norm of 4.46%, we are clearly getting back to normal.  And that is precisely why we are reluctant to assist those people who say they have been unemployed for several months, their unemployment has run out, and they simply cannot find a job in Midland. One need only drive down any street in Midland and you will see Now Hiring signs everywhere. We are much more willing to help that person who is working two part time jobs trying to make ends meet than we are to help the person who just cannot seem to find anything right now.

Isn’t it a relief that times are looking so much better! Again, none of what we do is possible without your generous support.  It is you, and your donations, who are helping those in need, and we bless and thank you for it!



If you would like to have a donation picked up, please end an email with pictures and a brief description of the items t be picked up to:

Sending an email is the only way to initiate a pickup. We will not respond to a phone message.

Please note that our pickups are focused on larger items like furniture, and we only service Midland.

If you would like to bring your donations to us, you can bring them to our facility at 1301 Brinson Lane Monday thru Saturday from 8 am to 2 pm.  Thank you.



Our trucks will be outside of St. Ann’s (across from the main office on Texas Ave.) next Sunday from 9 am until 1 pm to accept any donations you might have. Thank you very much!