Because we feel it is important that you know how and where your donations to Helping Hands are spent, here is what was done last week:


Electric                   5 families       $   1,796.1

Water                      3 families       $      671.01

Gas                           1 family          $      233.48

Rent                      10 families        $ 11,470.83

Transportation     2 families        $   2,772.60

Medical                  2 families        $      741.02

Total                                                 $17,685.08


It may come as a surprise studying our financial recap of what was spent last week that the total was almost ½ of what it was the week before.  Why such a quick drop?

Well, we have been alluding to the changes we have seen in the climate lately.  Our helpline is not nearly as busy as it was a few months ago. We are seeing less of the first-time ever callers, and more of the habitual callers returning. As we have noted before, we do not usually respond to the habitual callers because more often than not they are people who are perfectly capable of finding employment or learning to manage their money better. Many times they are seeking a free ride off the system and we will not be a party to that.

This time of the year is always a little slower (which is a good thing).  People are getting income tax refunds and soon stimulus checks will be arriving.  And even better, we believe the economy is picking up and jobs are becoming more plentiful.

Of course there is still need, and there always will be.  Those suffering from medical ailments and those on fixed incomes often struggle with high utility bills during the extreme cold of winter and heat of summer. This past year has been tough on all of us, so we should enjoy the brief respite while we have it.


Thank you St. Ann’s and St. Stephen’s

Knights of Columbus!

Beginning in April the Councils will be teaming up with Helping Hands to assist in getting your donations to us.  The first Saturday of every month our truck will be at St. Stephen’s from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m. The Knights will be there to help people with their donations and to hand out receipts for items donated.  The truck will be at St. Ann’s, in the parking lot across from the office on the third Saturday of each month from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m.  We ask that people with furniture and other large items continue to bring them directly to Helping Hands. Notices will appear the week proceeding each Saturday to remind everyone. We are grateful to the Knights for their help!



We are now able to do limited residential pickups of large items/donations by prior appointment only. To request a pickup please send a complete set of pictured items to

Leave your name and phone number in the email and we will be in contact with you. Requests must be made via email only at that address.