Because we feel it is important that you know how and where your donations to Helping Hands are spent, here is what was done in the past week:

Electric 9 families $ 2,119.74
Water 2 families $ 119.27
Rent 38 families $33,257.74
TOTAL $35,496.75

We thank you for your generous response to our plea for help in raising the funds to meet what has now become our fourth $100,000 matching grant! All of the money you have donated to Helping Hands allowed us to help over 830 Midland families with their rents (many for multiple months). The majority of the families helped were either waiting to get their unemployment benefits after losing their jobs, or they were quarantined and off work without pay while they waiting for results of COVID testing. When utility, medical and transportation assistance are factored in, so far this year we have spent over $1,160,000 helping those affected adversely by the pandemic, medical issues or the depressed oil economy. None of this would have been possible without you.
Special thanks goes to the Abell-Hanger Foundation and all who donated to the Permian Basin Gives event on August 25 whose combined efforts raised over $34,000 for Helping Hands. We are so grateful for your help!

Just a reminder: we are now set up to receive online donations. Simply log onto our website, and click on the “DONATE’ button.

And a special note to Euda Lee: when you brought your check into Helping Hands last week you said you wished it could have been more. Well first of all it was not a small check, and second, it was the check that allowed us to meet our matching grant! God bless you and your family for your generosity!