Because we feel it is important that you know how and where your donations to Helping Hands are spent, here is what was done in the past week:

Electric 4 families $ 937.32
Water 3 families $ 1,737.68
Rent 18 families $21.760.51
Misc. 2 families $ 206.00
TOTAL $24,641.51

Thank You, Ladies!
Last Saturday 7 members of the Youth Group from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Midland 3rd Ward stopped by to help us out in the store. While they were only able to be here a few hours the amount of work they did was remarkable! They helped stock the toys and housewares departments and also sorted and hung clothing to come into the store. Their laughter and positive attitudes were a delight! They are, front row, left to right: Jazlynn and Griffin; back row, left to right: Mya, Kenzie, Abby, Addy and Avery. We certainly hope they will hurry back soon!

Free Keyboards and Mice
We have an abundance of computer keyboards and mice that we would be more than willing to share with any educational institution or student in need. If you have a cause that could use these please call Sam (432) 559-5336 and leave a message.