Because we feel it is important that you know how and where your donations to Helping Hands are spent, here is what was done in the past week:

Electric: 9 families $ 2,710.57

Water: 4 families $ 1,937.06

Rent: 19 families $17,315.53

Medical: 2 families $ 1,650.00

TOTAL $23,875.96


Back on July 19 we asked for help. We were running out of money but there was still plenty of need for assistance in Midland due to job loss or reduction in hours over COVID and the depressed oil economy. It took just three weeks for the people of Midland to respond with the money needed to match that grant. May God bless all of you abundantly for your generosity in helping us meet that goal, and extra special thanks to that family that has to date donated $200,000 in matching grant money.

And, just like last time, when word got out that we had met that matching grant, a second family has come forward to offer yet ANOTHER matching grant of $100,000! If we are fortunate enough to meet that goal, then we should have enough to help us meet the needs of those in financial crisis with rent and utilities through the end of the year! Join us in praying that we can meet that meet that second matching grant!

And then we also received a letter from a woman who read our article a few weeks ago and was touched to read about the 92-year-old woman who needed help with her electric bill. She was curious as to how the woman’s electric bill was so high but once we explained to her that many of our elderly live on incomes of $800/month or less, still have to pay rent, and reminded her hat the elderly cannot handle the heat as well as a younger person (plus reminding her of our extremely warm July), she not only understood but she sent us a check to help the same woman out with her August electric bill, which we will happily handle. Thank you, Juanita, for your care and compassion. And your donation will serve a two-fold purpose…not only will it help this woman with her electric bill, but the money can be applied towards our next matching grant. God bless you, and everyone who reaches out to help those in need through Helping Hands!